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EarthVoice Podcast

Meet the Team


Creator / Producer / Presenter

unnamedElizabeth Claire Alberts has a PhD in creative writing, and has spent the last five years lecturing and teaching writing to undergraduates and postgraduates at Macquarie University. She also works as a freelance environmental journalist, writing for publications like Alternatives Journal, Audubon, The Ecologist, Earth Island Journal, Great Ocean Quarterly, Resurgence, and Wild. In 2015, Elizabeth took an audio storytelling class with NPR reporter Rhonda Miller, and this helped hatch her plan to launch EarthVoice Podcast. Elizabeth is excited to (finally!) use the performance skills she gained when working on her BA in Theatre at the College of Wooster. She is also a passionate animal lover, and has volunteered for various organizations including Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and the Two Hands Project. To learn more about Elizabeth, visit her website or follow her on twitter.

Designer / Project Advisor

MBeasleyMichael Beasley is the creative genius behind EarthVoice Podcast’s visual design. He has also acted as an invaluable project advisor. When he isn’t busy helping others with their projects, Michael works onshore and at sea with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as a deckhand and designer, which has allowed him to place his energy and skills where he feels they are most needed – protecting our remarkable, yet fragile planet. Teaming up with some of the world’s most passionate and courageous activists – each of whom has dedicated their lives to raising awareness and fighting for change – has greatly inspired Michael over the years. He’s thrilled to have joined EarthVoice in spreading inspiration and awareness to others striving to protect nature, animals and humankind.